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2022 Summer Ball Tryouts

13U, 16U & 17U, July 31st

12U & 14U, August 1st

15U, August 2nd

High School Nutrition Training

Baseball and Softball Athletes

September 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th



Friday, 11-4PM

Saturday, 9-3:30PM

Sunday, Closed

Please call in advance to reserve a batting cage or field space.


2022 Summer Ball Tryouts

Saturday July 31st @ Pitts Park, 299 Tusculum Road, Antioch, TN 37013
10AM--16U Grizzlies
Noon--17U Grizzlies
4PM--13U Thunder


Sunday August 1st @ Crieve Hall Elementary Majors Field, 495 Hogan Road, Nashville 37220
3PM--12U Blacksox


Sunday August 1st @ Pitts Park, 299 Tusculum Road, Antioch, TN 37013
6PM--14U Thunder


Monday August 2nd @Pitts Park, 299 Tusculum Road, Antioch, TN 37013
6PM--15U Thunder


At Nashville Baseball Academy we use the family atmosphere of baseball to build young men of character who will be fans for a lifetime. If you have further questions about our teams, please contact our director Steve Cherrico (615-491-4129).


High School Nutrition Training (baseball & softball)

September 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th (Thursdays)
6:30 PM

$95 nonmembers
$85 members

As a baseball/softball athlete, what you put on your plate will affect your performance at the plate. If you’re an athlete trying to reach the next level of performance, it will take more than just dedication to practice - it will depend on nutrition. Sports dietitian Caroline Klinger, MS, RD is here to help.


Week 1: Carbohydrates. Day-to-day fueling has the largest impact on performance, what you eat before a game can impact how you play.


Week 2: Protein. Being a sport that relies heavily on strength & power output, meeting your protein requirements daily is essential. Many athletes think that more protein is better; however, that’s not actually the case.


Week 3: Fat. Fats are essential for cognitive function, hormone balance, and vitamin absorption. BONUS - We will also discuss several strategies for both weight gain and weight loss for baseball/softball players.


Week 4: Hydration. Dehydration affects players by impacting both physical play and concentration. As little as 2% body weight loss through sweat can impact your accuracy on the field. BONUS - Athletes are encouraged to bring their parents to the last course session for a Q&A.


Personal Bio:                            
Caroline is a sports dietitian. She earned her undergraduate degree in dietetics from The University of Florida and went on to complete both her dietetic internship and master’s in exercise science and nutrition at Lipscomb University. During her time at Lipscomb, she worked closely with the baseball team, counseling athletes at every position on the field. Caroline now owns a private practice, Caroline Nutrition, LLC, where she offers one-on-one nutrition counseling for elite high school athletes looking to gain a competitive edge.


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